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Food / restaurant

Enjoy the taste of fresh seafood

We will colorfully cook different local ingredients depending on the purchase of the day.

Misato's taste

Please enjoy the taste of Misato, which has a lively selection of fresh seafood.
*The contents of the dishes and the dishes in the pictures may change depending on the season.
  • Kaiseki Meal

    The number of items is around 13, and it will be a kaiseki meal "Shunsaizen" using "seafood and mountain products".
    *Both dinner and breakfast will be served at a restaurant with a social distance.
    • "Basic plan" Minori's proud kaiseki meal "Shunsaizen" 1 night 2 meals
      Entrust yourself to the abundant hot springs that spring out and enjoy the luxury of hot springs to your heart's content
      After relaxing your body and mind, prepare the chief chef's kaiseki meal "Shunsaizen".

      After a refreshing awakening, enjoy a well-balanced Japanese breakfast set.
      It is a standard plan with half board that you can eat

      ◆◇None None◇◆
      The number of items is around 13, and it will be a kaiseki meal "Shunsaizen" using "seafood and mountain food".
      *Evening and morning We will prepare it at a restaurant with a social distance

      ◆◇None None◇◆
      Delicious freshly cooked rice is popular
      A well-balanced Japanese breakfast set suitable for the start of the day
  • Sashimi platter

    ・Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat):From 22,000 yen((10 servings)
    ・Assorted sashimi:5,500 JPY((2 to 3 servings)/ /11,000 yen((4 to 5 servings)
    ・Raw sea urchin sashimi:3,850 yen((One serving)
  • Crab Sheng

    ・Zuwai crab:Market price((From 1 serving)
    ・King crab:Market price((From 3 servings)
  • Seasonal hot pot

    ・Anglerfish hot pot:From 6,600 yen((From 2 servings)
    ・Chowder:From 5,500 yen((From 2 servings)
  • Special Dishes

    *Some dishes cannot be served on the day, so please apply in advance.
    *The following menus are all tax-included.
  • Children's menu

    Elementary school children's dinner will be a kids menu or a lunch menu.
    Toddlers will have a lunch menu.
  • Japanese style chair / table banquet example

    Elderly people and groups with people with disabilities, etc.
    Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a banquet at the chair or table.